Sawan Kapoor @ TEDxChennai Added Sep 30th, 2012

As soon as the name Sawan Kapoor was announced, there was a sudden delight on every face in the audience, as Sawan was the only business speaker at TEDx Chennai 2012. The audience had anxiously been waiting for this session.

In his talk on transformational change, after creating the base where he introduced the power of failure as a transformational tool using Michael Jordan’s career statistics, he went on to connect what were three rather seemingly disjointed premises into a beautifully structured speech.

He introduced these concepts “Saying what does fire, expectation and fish have to do with transformational change in business?”

As he began to fill in the blanks, it was easy to see why the audience was so gripped.

For the first concept he spoke about how transformational change works best when we create a context for it, and then present a triggering event, like fire in a building to get people behind the change campaign. The second concept talked about you get what you expect, using a sports analogy this message hit home with strength and had a call to action, asking the audience to take stock of what they expected from their colleague as they go to work the next day. Concept three talked about fish and how they rot from the head first since most of their organs are concentrated around the head, much like organizations – if the management team is only going to talk the talk and not walk the walk – it is a recipe for failure.

A standing ovation at the end was the only fitting response to what had been a 14 amazing minutes for a receptive audience.

Jana Stanfield @ TEDxChennai Added Sep 30th, 2012

Jana Stanfield steps on to the stage with the highest applause and hearty welcome from the Audience. The response from the audience proves how much she is being loved by Chennai and TEDx Community .
Jana Stanfield started by mentioning that women have the power to bring peace in the world.
If women help each other across the globe, there will be a great posiive change.
On hearing this idea, many women in India told her, “If you can bring your women from US, we will surely help them live a better life”.
Jana did admit to the fact that India has got thousands of years of wisdom and spirituality than US.
She sang a song in different style with a Tabla artist accompanying her. Audience performed with her giving her a standing ovation and singing it along with all their passion.
The lines of the song goes, “I cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that I can do” !
I can assure that everyone who are here will never forget this song for the rest of their lives !
Such an exciting and awesome performance by Jana Stanfield . Even after her speech his complete ,i can feel her song still ringing inside everyone’s heart and it will be continuing without an end .
This speech / performance has certainly enriched the show to the core !!

Joyce Rommelaar @ TEDx Chennai Added Sep 30th, 2012

Joyce Rommelaar, Success Coach and Motivational Speaker(Netherlands)

Joyce Rommelalar inspired many teenagers at TEDxChennai

Joyce presented a oral statistics that the teens of today spend more than two and a half hours on the internet and more than an hour on facebook every day.

The teens of today connect with virtual firnds, they do not know how to really connect with people when they meet them in person.

They have an isolated inner voice. Face-face communication has become a challenge for today’s teenagers.

Be the star of your own life. Have as much life contacts as possible aa you can rather than using social media for everything Life contact is a key to success!

An adice I would give to parents of today is never have the TV, mobile phone or computers in the bedrooms.They should be only in the living room. So that you know what your kids are doing on the internet or on the phone which will ensure that the child is not doing anything unadvisable.Bedrooms are only for chraging yourself and not to charge your laptop or mobile phones. This helps the family to interconnect.

Even while exchanging your business cards with someone, write something on the card and give them, so that they never forget you and you remain connected with them.

Living in full expression- Romeo Marquez Jr. Added Sep 30th, 2012


Romeo Marquez Jr., the much awaited speaker of the day. When he came in, it was nothing but magic. The amazing energy and passion he had ignited the entire audience with fire. He reminded me of Steve Jobs. Romeo states that we have ideas to play with implement. They define life. Talking about life, we all have a metaphor of life. For few it is a roller coaster ride, for some it is a video game. Life, to Romeo, is a motion picture. We all have stories to tell. Everyone is a storyteller. We are the directors, writers, and music composers of our lives. We add the music that soothes us and remove the one that doesn’t. Life is as simple as that. What a simple yet profound thought. This can change your life forever obstacles gonflables.

Romeo was student of acting and now teaches acting as well. Acting to him is like reading human behavior. It was the art and depth of story telling. He loved his childhood. He used to play a lot of games and when you found nothing to do, he would make games and play all by himself. Despite all this, he was put down, judged, criticized, failed, and rejected because of his color and eccentricity. As a result, he was more concerned about what would people think about him. He worked, achieved his goals and traveled all around the world. Yet, he felt so incomplete. He got involved in a lot of self development courses otherwise the self-help phase. He read it as a script, analyzing it the same way as he would analyze human behavior. He constantly got himself involved in self-development talks to stay in the right frame of mind.

His profession took him to a lot of places and he had happened to meet a lot of people. Though each person might be different, but there is something common between all of us and that is “to change one thing in life”. We all want to take a shift, make changes.

Once, when he went to meet his nephew, he learnt the most profound theory. His nephew was playing all by himself and when asked what he was doing, he claimed to be playing an imagination game. Romeo was baffled. Then his nephew explained that he has a body angel and mind angel who helped him imagines stuff. As we grow up, we need to ask ourselves is “how much of our imagination are we utilizing? ” Imagination is the biggest playground that we have. Play your heart out and there you are living out of the shell. Things we do, slowly, start to become a routine. This shells us up in a box where our imagination is blocked. Open up, express, live with passion. Life is living in full expression. Don’t die with the music in you. Don’t let yourself settle down without using your passion, talents and imagination to the fullest. Our goals can be achieve by stepping out of our comfort zone. 
World is not a dark place as people claim it to be. Passions and talents serve as a source of light. Light them up, world will never be darker any longer.

The little dance that Romeo performed for the audience soared up the energy levels though it was the end of the day. His passion ignited the passion in us.

Imagine, Ignite, Inspire.

Prabakaran Murugaiah @ TEDx Chennai Added Sep 30th, 2012

Technology Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

Prabakaran Murugaiah started off with the words in Tamil, telling the people of Chennai, nothing is as good as getting back to his place and talking to his natives
He hails from a village near Thirunelveli. Now he his the CEO of the company corp-corp based in US.
He said “Passion, persistance and patience are the keys to success”
His passion for Mathematics in childhood inspire his Maths teacher at school. From this, he learnt that passion can inspire others too.. If you have passion you can exceed expectations. Your passion will create opportunities for yourself and others.
Prabakaran has participated in aMarathin with his wonded leg. He was fine for first 3 mils after which his knee started aching badly. Still he completed his Marathon. He remarked that even runing a company is like running a marathon
Go for a extra mile to make your company go leaps and bounds. Have enormous courage to take an extra mile
Prabakaran said that he learnt patience from his spouse.

Take life as it comes -Gauthami Added Sep 30th, 2012

A parent, a media entrepreneur, an actor and a cancer survivor. We have seen her in the movies. We have seen her win awards and live her star studded life. What happens behind the four walls of stardom, we don’t know! Here is the story what happens behind the scenes. Gauthami was born in a family of academicians. Parents both were doctors and her brother in the IT field. Naturally, she went ahead to study engineering. On the first day when asked upon what she her plan ahead was, she mentioned she wants to complete engineering and pursue an MBA in international business. She had everything planned and charted out. Her life was like a map, filled with paths and directions towards one goal. Suddenly one cameo offer changed her life forever. After giving it a thought, she went ahead and did it. One month of college passed away and later on a lot of offers came around. Her mother, a very wise woman, explained her that “when life gives you opportunities go ahead and grab them. Because, you might discover an entire new world. If you don’t like it, you can always come back.” And when she started discovering the world of films, she loved it. That was the place she always wanted to be and would be. Nothing else would have given her the pleasure and satisfaction that this world had given her. Life never goes as we plan it to be. Everything is unexpected. That is the beauty of life. Take life as it goes, you never know what you would love what it has to offer.

Life went on and she got married. She gave birth to a child who just turned 13 last week. As mother

she started taking control and pushing her child to do what she thought was the best for her. One

day, she realized that she was not the kind of mother that her mother used to be to her.

“Be who you need to be. Set goals, find your path. Be true to yourself”. That was the lesson she learnt and shared with us today at TEDxChennai.

“When she was diagnosed with cancer, Why me?- she thought. Why me?- when I haven’t done anything to have caused it?”. Cancer taught her that world is a beautiful place. We all are attached to the threshold of something very beautiful and powerful, that is, LIFE. Life might throw a lot of difficulties. Try to find meaning in them. Live life with passion.  Today is important. Living in the present with responsibility and living life as it comes to you is the essence of life. Life is a beautiful thing.

Live, Laugh,  Love.

Puja Gupta @ TEDxChennai Added Sep 30th, 2012

5 uninvited guests

Here is a brief article about 5 uninvited guests and how to overcome them , by Puja Gupta !!
challenge to success . In everone’s life there are two types of zones.
The first one is the comfort zone . Most of us are in this zone.
The second one is the miracle zone . The zone where everyone wishes to be .
The third zone is intermediate to both of these zones. The uninvited guests are present in this zone ! They are :
Mr.Overwhelm – these three know our weakness
Mr.Dreamstealer – they make us feel guilty and annoying. Parents intervention on future of their children students ! we give

away our dreams through this.
Mr.Challenge – a way of checking , how commited we are to our dreams.
They maybe uninvited , but they are expected as we continue on with any process !
Here are 5 solutions for these uninvited guests
These 5 solutions gives us courage and help us overcome these uninvited guests !

Carol Talbot @ TEDxChennai Added Sep 30th, 2012

Carol Talbot is one of the Amazon’s best selling author, coached people in some of the fortune 500 companies.

Successful people do things different inside their head. You have to discover your inner leader to be successful in life.
Talk within yourself to make things clear. What you think becomes a reality.
You cannot think about what you do not want to think about without thinking about it.
Say things the way you want it to work
So instead of saying “Do not shut the door forcefully”, tell them “Please close the door”.

Keep telling positive things in your mind, so that you are successful in what you want to do!

Sergio Sedas @ TEDxChennai Added Sep 30th, 2012

“I love to build robots “, the Beginning words !!

He feels proud to be an engineer.

He started his speech saying that “It takes anyone 2- 3 years and 25,000$ to build a robot .

Following on , he spoke on the perspective of educational institutions such as universities .

universities teach knowledge – Dexterity develops as students work when they study

But what the students really require is to understand the concepts of these knowledge !

context based learning is necessary . This creates awareness of what you know. if you can understand , you get an experience .

He followed on with a practical experiment based on the formula : F=pA (F : Force ; p= rho )

With a single straw and a piece of paper , he made us understand three concepts in an effective way !

1 – air moves things
2 – hiting things hurts – F = the force
3 – p(rho) = Go harder

why does this work ?

lemon and a knife – brain provides information of how the body should change

Expanding reality – NO LIMITS

students provided results by practically building robots within a guaranteed amount of time !

Rock your role – Kristi Stab Added Sep 30th, 2012


On the 30th of September, sitting in the auditorium, I knew what is it like to be a “ROCKSTAR”. We all can become anything we want to, all we need to do is have the passion and rock our roles. This is what Kristi Stab had ignited us at TEDx. Like everyone else, she had dreams too. They changed from being a sports reporter to baseball player and as she grew up she wanted to be a “Rockstar”. Rock and roll inspired her all her life. She would stand in front of the fireplace and sing aloud like a rockstar. People constantly would tell her that she wasn’t good enough. She kept trying and trying and ended up singing 6 single choirs thinking she would be a rockstar someday. After a point, she just gave up. But her passion music and sports had never ended. She worked as a radio reporter under sports and entertainment genre and she rocked it like a rockstar. Her work included her passion and to others around her she was a rockstar. Robert Downey Jr. wished her for her 23rd birthday. Isn’t she really a rockstar? To me, she is. With passion and doing the best in whatever you do, you are a “rockstar’.

There is one amazing incident she mentioned that had happened to her, which changed not only her point of view but ours as well. One fine day she entered “starbucks” which is the CCD of the other countries. She placed her order in a fancy tone like we all do. The waitress diligently took her order and asked her “what’s your name?’. Kristi thought For a moment and said “rockstar”. The waitress was dazed and as she looked up she asked “Sorry, but is that your birth name”. Kristi nodded her head and waited for her coffee. As the waitress called out her order and name, the entire crowd there was like “rockstar? “. They were baffled and this awed Kristi. That one name made an instant connection with the audience out there. They hi-fied and the crowd screaming their hearts out by chanting “rockstar, rockstar, rockstar”. Yes, like how it happens in the concerts, indeed. Kristi, at that moment felt like a real rockstar and still is a real rockstar.

Today, Kristi has given the secrets to become a rockstar. A rockstar is not only the one who plays music and does head banging and stuff like that. A rockstar is someone who has innate passion, dedication and rocks their roles like no one could do it better than them. A rockstar has to make this instant connection; they need to create a sense of feeling alive. To lead like a rockstar on the outside, you need to lead on the inside. When you embody yourselF as a rockstar, you serve to do the best out of everything you possibly can.

Rockstars are self directed. Self respect is a paramount to them. They have a clear purpose and values and direct themselves towards them. They embody excellence. They are responsible for things they do and things they don’t achieve in life as well. They are initiators. They create paths and directions for others to follow. They believe in action. They are altruistic. They combine passion and social responsibility which is directed towards better humanity. They believe in creating lasting relationships. Their friends and relatives around them have the best possible life they could. They are highly sought after. Rockstars hangout with rockstars. They stick on with people they could probably learn from and are comfortable with. They put in their trust in them. Finally, Rockstars “ROCK” their roles. They rock it with passion, enthusiasm and excitement. You can become a rockstar. Actually, anyone can become a rockstar. All we have to do is still have hopes, dreams and passion and the feeling that you can carry the world on your shoulders. Invest in yourself. The best investment anybody can ever make. To live like a rockstar, all we have to do is rock our roles.

Inspire, Ignite, Rock.