Dr.Manoj Beno – Director,Billroth Hospitals Added Sep 28th, 2012
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Dr.Manoj Beno has been the Medical Director of Billroth Group of  Hospitals since the young age of 30 till date. He was earlier running the Intensive Cardiac Care department in Malar Hospitals besides being a practising physician. He studied in Sri Ramachandra Medical College.He has been the physician in Chennai  for the international cricket teams for 4 years.

His sole aim over the years has been to make corporate quality health care affordable to people of all levels of socio-economic strata, so that even the poor public can get benefited. He has set up policies and principles including pricing and medical care in a corporate hospital with the motive of delivering a ‘human touch’ to the patient.

He is a Corporate Medical Administrator specializing in corporate hospital infrastructuring from the basic level, including formation of every single medical and administrative system from scratch. He has helped in taking Billroth Hospitals to the top level in corporate health care in close competition with its peers. He is the policy maker at all levels for employment of doctors and all categories of staff.

He promotes team work and co-ordination in a work environment to get optimum outcome creating a sense of harmony between the patient, doctor, nurse, paramedical staff and management. He has also introduced new performance based perks and policies to encourage employees. He is a thorough professional and expert in co-ordinating the smooth operation of doctor, nursing and administrative services at all levels.

Dr.M.Manoj Beno has helped in providing subsidized medical and surgical care to the needy through the running of free out-patient services and treatment for those suffering from surgical , cardiac and cancer ailments.He has been an active promoter of Medical Tourism. He organises  free medical camps and blood donation camps regularly for the benefit of the underprivileged and needy through the hospital that he works for. He has initiated several CSR activities pertaining to cardiac diseases, cancer, AIDS, etc. with a motive to create the awareness among public and eradicate ignorance.

He has apperared in several interviews in newspapers, television and radio channels on a regular basis. Medical topics, administrative topics , social issues, etc. have been covered. He is a columnist on medical topics in newspapers and journals and the editor for several lifestyle magazines. He has been the chief guest, speaker and debator at various medical programs, college culturals, school functions and television shows on a regular basis.

Dr. M.Manoj Beno is a speaker at TED events and a recipient of several awards for excellence in the field of medicine.


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