The War Room Meetings Added Jul 22nd, 2010
  by sandeepvarma

TEDX Chennai organisers’ meetings were always special. I still remember the days when we used to meet at CCDs and Subways for the 2009 edition of TEDx Chennai. The meeting itself is a learning experience, just like watching a TED video or attending a TEDx. You meet people from different walks of lives which, am sure you would not have met in your normal course. Planning for the event just becomes incidental to the main activity of networking and sharing of ideas among people.

War room


Ever since Samuel Eddy joined the meetups his room at YMCA Royapetah has become the de facto meeting place for TEDx Chennai organizers. The room has been nicknamed as The War Room.


These War room meetings is a great example of the saying that “not only destination but the journey also should be rewarding and am eagerly waiting for the coming meeting


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